• Beckman Coulter DXI-800 Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer – 2 Units
  • Beckman Coulter AU-680 Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyser
  • Abbott Architect Ci8200 Fully Automated Integrated Module Biochemistry + Immunoassay
  • Siemens Atellica Fully Automated AI Equipped Integrated Analyser With Sample Sorter Unit.
  • Siemens Atellica Neph 360 Fully Automated & Integrated Nephlometer
  • Electrolyte Analysers – Prolyte And PSR

  • Horiba H-1500 9 Parts CBC Analyser – First Time In India -2 Units
  • Horiba H-500 & H-550 – CBC Analyser
  • Tosoh G8 – HBA1C Analyser 2 Units
  • Bio-Rad D-10 HPLC Analyser
  • Bio-Rad Turbo Variant II
  • Bio-Rad Variant CHECK NAME
  • Siemens Semi Automated Urine Analyser

  • Bio-Safety And Laminar Airflow
  • BD Bactec
  • Bio-Rad automated Elisa Reader

  • Leica fully automated tissue processor & Microtome

  • Sansure RT PCR (Automated & Dual Mode) with 3rd grade Biosafety & Laminaf Flow

 With all of this each floor of the laboratory is fully equipped with high intensity Air Conditioners , Cold Room, Refrigerators, Incubators, Autoclaves and proper cold storage for each department to support the smooth functioning of the laboratory.
Power Sources : Redundant Power sources through  BSES Commercial Meters With Online Ups And Generators
Internet Sources : Redundant internet leased lines with Airtel , ACT, Reliance and other service providers.
We are Microsoft and Linux Certified LAB,  having GPL and Proprietary licensed products from multiple vendors.